Stanley, Falkland Ilands

Sorry to keep you hanging on my “trick question”.


My best guess:

Four major “official” languages spoken on the two Continents, English, Spanish and Portuguese French is spoken in Quebec, Canada.


Of course there are at least 17 dialects of Spanish spoken in the Americas. I have no clue how many dialects of English and Portuguese are spoken.


The indigenous languages are disappearing. One more twist, there are many smaller recognized “nations” of indigenous peoples in the Americas that are trying to save their languages (i.e. the American indians, etc…)


We have experienced a lot in the past week. Our sailing from Rio was stunning. And our visits to Montevideo, Uruguay and Buenos Aires, Argentina have been extraordinary


The Star Princess, (largest cruise ship we have “sailed”), has 2695 passengers aboard. It took us a few days to get used to the size and amenities of this ship, which was recently refurbished (2011). It was built in Italy and finished is 2002.


Our Captain (Edwin Perrin) is young and very hospitable. He must be very skilled to command a ship of this size around Cape Horn. After reading Douglas Murphy’s book, Rounding the Horn, I am amazed at the modern technology and engineering of these ships. Not many get to experience a trip like this. We are fortunate indeed, and thankful.


As I write this, we are in Stanley, Falkland Ilands. Of course the “buzz” is of Prince William’s tour here as a pilot of a VH-3A helicopter. His mission is search and rescue.


I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of a sighting or two of his majesty in a “copter”. I will take them with a grain of salt.


With two cruise ships in port and a total of nearly 6,000 passengers and crew on land today, the population of Stanley will triple.


You may be asking, “Where are the pictures?” The satellite internet bandwidth is limited. I am busy editing my shots as we travel. I have also run into a few technical difficulties along the way.


Stay tuned “film at 11:00”. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) Mark