Ushuaia (NOT)

Wasn’t that Ushuaia over there?


Politics…Argentine style. We woke up ready for our visit to Ushuaia, Argentina. We had booked a tour at a preserve in Patagonia where another species of penguins visits in the summer. It did not happen. We did make the news in England.


It turns out that this is near the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War, which boils the blood of some Argentinians. When we left Buenos Aries, there were some protesters there at the terminal with signs saying that the “Maldives belong to Argentina”. We were told that it often happens when cruise ships leave.


Well, the captain announced that we were denied entry into the port of Ushuaia “… because we had visited the Falkland Islands.” Oh well, on to plan “B”. Such a terrible thing we had done. Of course, with Prince William on a tour of duty there, it hasn’t escaped the notice of protesting Argentinians.


It was a beautiful day in the Beagle Channel. Overnight, we had stopped in Port Williams to get clearance to enter Chilean waters. We had clearance, so the captain explained that we would cruise very slowly down “glacier alley”. There are several glaciers that line the Beagle Channel. We went from one glacier to another. The ship stopped and then rotated around a fixed point. Everyone got a long view of the glaciers from their balconies and the public areas. WOW…what a great day.


Thanks to the Argentinians, we enjoyed several glaciers. Some of them had waterfalls, which fell hundreds of feet to the channel.


We missed Ushuaia, but explored to the glaciers and the Beagle channel on a beautiful sunny day. Normally, we would have passed these glaciers at night.


On to the strait of Magellan and Punte Arenas, Chile.