Manzanillo, Mexico

Manzanillo, Mexico

March 15th, 2012


We have to several destinations on the Mexican Riviera. On one of our cruises we were scheduled to stop in Manzanillo, but a hurricane prevented us from stopping there. Because we had never been here, we were glad that we finally had the opportunity to visit Manzanillo.


We did not book a tour here. We went ashore and shopped. We were very pleased with this port. The city is safe and clean and the shopping was good. Since we only had a few hours here, we did not have lunch. We mistakenly assumed that the restaurants would not be open for breakfast. We were craving a good Mexican meal, but we had decided that that would be in Cabo San Lucas our next stop.


While we were shopping we decided on ice cream. As we walked toward the center of town we discovered a few restaurants that were open already. OOPS, we could have had huevos rancheros for breakfast. Oh well, the ice cream was good.


Too short a visit to Manzanillo. I would not hesitate to visit here again. On to our last port before we head home, Cabo San Lucas.