Arrival in San Francisco

San Francisco Open Your Golden Gate

March 19th, 2012


We had sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge three times before. Unfortunately, the tide tables scheduled this time for 5:00 am. Zenetta decided to get her sleep. I wanted to take pictures.


I got up at 4:30am and grabbed my camera. I was not alone. There must have been 500 people up early to view our arrival. IT WAS COLD. The temperature was around 40ºF but the ocean was calm. The wind was around 15 knots from the north. We were already on the shelf  (the ocean approach to the Golden Gate is not as deep as the ocean beyond the Farallon Islands. Before the glaciers started to melt, there was a river extending out through the “gate” until it met the ocean where the shelf ended).


The bridge was lighted and the crescent moon was on the horizon. The night provided a challenge for photography.


We cleared the bridge by what looked like 10 feet and it was another 45 minutes to get to Pier 35.

I took about 200 shots but eventually I kept only 26. San Francisco at night is a jewel.


I felt good about being home. After clearing customs and meeting our ride, we arrived home at 1:00pm.


It was a marvelous trip with many memorable experiences. We visited 11 countries of which 9 were firsts for us.


I hope you enjoyed Marks South American Adventure through this blog. It is the first time I have tried writing about a trip, so I hope to improve as I get more experience..


So long for now. Check from time to time as I will be posting the Saouth American pictures and changing other pictures on this site.