For 'Ye Land Lubbers

Yes we like to cruise. I’ll try to describe what it is like on board the Coral Princess. This is our second Christmas season cruise through the Panama Canal. We have been through the Panama Canal twice before, and as I write this, we are three days from making our third trip through one of the ten wonders of the world. 

So you may be asking “why?” No doubt you are looking forward to next week for various reasons. Celebrating Christmas at home or a relative’s home. Shopping for gifts to exchange or preparing nice meals to share with loved ones and friends. I hope for you, it is all you expect and fun. I wish you a warm heart at Christmas. 

It’s not about the canal, or the ports, or the food, or the scenery and what about this “Christmas cruise?” Can it be a real holiday on the ocean? Well,, quite frankly, it is! There are movies about “skipping Christmas” and “lonely times away from family, etc…” We miss being with our son and daughter-in-law and not sharing the sparkle in the eyes of our grand kids when they open their gifts. We get those feelings vicariously.

Yes, we have children on board, many nationalities of sons and daughters. Each with their own family traditions. A few of the ship officers and staff have their families on board. It will be fun watching them on Santa’s lap.  Yesterday morning, the chief engineer’s son (about FAB’s age, was crawling throught the bar stools on the floor. The way they were aligned, made a real neat “tunnel” as he crawled on his hands and knees. His mom and his younger sister in her carriage could not see him. His dad, finaaly saw him on his second trip “through the tunnel” and cracked a big smile. All boy and his father enjoying the cruise.

Today, when Zenetta and I were getting our morning exercise, I realized that most of the staff and a few passengers will be missing their families. It comes with the contract at sea. They are used to being away from home. But most have smiles and seem to enjoy their work.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ and it is in thoughts and feelings of sharing love that really matters. The Princess Cruise lines will see to it that their spirits (and ours) will rise to the celebration. It is fun to share at this time of year. I suppose that is why I’m writing this longish note about our trip.

Z shared a line from one of the short stories she is reading. It went something like this…”Jewish people don’t get to celebrate Christmas, and they were the ones who started it!” Happy Hanukah to all my Jewish friends.

So what about this cruising stuff. I wish I could adequately explain it. We just watched the moon set over the western horizon. It looked like a big slice of an orange. The reflections in the water danced toward it’s winking eye, aglow in orange. It is now 04:30 am and I am sitting on our balcony with my lap top, occasionally staring at millions of bright stars. It’s 75ºF, and there is a very slight breeze. The ocean 80 miles off the coast of Nicaragua is smooth as glass. The sound of the waves as this ship moves ever so gently through the salt water is pure magic. Wish you were here with us so you can experience it for yourself. 

To quote a very bright young grand son…”You couldn’t believe it, grandma!” Hope you find yourself in a very happy, loving place to celebrate Christmas. It can be “en corazon” (your heart) at least. Many on board have this in their hearts already. To Brendan and Susannah, FAB and Sophie, I especially wish you were here with us. Maybe some day celebrating just that…being together. 

What is it about this cruising thing? It is all of the above…Feliz Navidad