Mettallica Concert

My friend Jeff who works with Metallica kindly invited Peter and me to see their concert in Sacramento. What a treat. Peter and I were given backstage passes and they treated us as VIPs. We were taken to the friends and family lounge where we tasted Blackened the bands new whiskey (very smooth). Simce the show is in the round, there really is no "back stage” in the traditional sense. We were on the floor which is next to the stage.

The staging was phenomenal. The set consisted of the stage which had four microphone positions for vocals. The drums were on a raised platform in the center and slowly rotated to a position approximately 300 degrees from where the concert started. The concept is excellent as it provides a good closeup view of the band during each number for each section of the arena.

Above the stage are 52 cubes which have RGB screens and lighting built in to each one. They are lowered and raised by individual motors which creates a modern art “cubistic” three dimensional sculpture in various forms. It was very effective as the screens were mapped with graphic images and motion.

The sound was ear splitting but very clean. I had my ear plugs in but took them out a few times to get the full range of the music. Very impressive. It was a great experience for an old stagehand. Peter and I discussed the technical aspects of the show Thank you Jeff for inviting us to the concert.