Punta Arenas, Chile

Finally…A Hike…In Chile…Patagonia


Another great day weather wise. Sunny and clear. We had to tender at Punta Arenas. But it was only a short distance to shore. Our tour included a ride up to a ski resort. Then a ride on the lift to the top of the mountain.


We hiked for an hour down the mountain on a club trail. The tour ended at the ski lodge where we enjoyed hot chocolate and cake (we needed more calories?)


On our return we decided to stay in town and enjoy the sites. We visited the Victorian era home of Sara Braun a local icon. It is now owned by the Union Club and has a public pub in the back. There were some very nice examples of furniture and artifacts from the era. Her family was a pioneer family in this area. The mansion was very similar to those built in San Francisco in the 19th century.


We shopped at the town square where the local artisans were selling very nice clothing and art work. The ambiance was very nice as a gentleman serenaded the shoppers.

He was very entertaining and had a very good voice.


We rubbed the toe of Magellan’s statue to assure our return to Punta Arenas some day. Maybe with a fly fishing rod in my hand?


Zenetta had a tip on a great local restaurant, Sotito’s. We decided to have lunch there. Their specialty was king crab. We had a world class meal with a good Chilean wine. Fantastic..We are very lucky campers…


We ended our day in Punta Arenas with a stroll along the waterfront and a tender ride back to the ship. Exhausted we decided to skip dinner in the dining room.