Rio de Janeiro

Rio is a major cultural center and a very cosmopolitan city. It has a bio-rythym that takes over your senses and keeps you up until 0200hrs or 0400 hrs or 0600 hrs (like Vegas on steroids) How late do you stay up? The formula: take your age and divide by 2, then add another hour for every 2 years under 40. Account for the slight or moderate hangover. Try to get enough sleep to visit the many sights the following day.Impossible in four days.

What do I mean by bio-rhythms? Sounds and smells, food and drink, shopping and industry, privileged and not privileged, dress codes and customs, when all these factors are “charted”, the lines intersect at many different points at different times. Explanation not required for “boomers” (Never have liked that label).

Take your best shot. Plan your day to arrive for the sunset @ Arporador (near Impanema Beach). Then start the cycle all over again. That is the best three day plan I have learned in my short time here. So much to do and in our case, not enough time to “do it all”. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Brazil is the largest (in size) of all the countries of South America. It is arguably the most culturally diverse and drives the continental economy from it’s capitol, Sao Paulo. So, as “Norte Americanos”, what do we really know about Rio de Janeiro? I must confess that my quick study guides did not prepare me for a total Brazilian emersion.

So far, there  two very good constants in Mark’s adventure:

The Sheraton Rio, located very close to Leblon and Impanema; and, our tour guide Pedro Novak, (who specializes in private tours). He gave us a fantastic tour of “Rio”.  If you are planning a trip to any area of Brazil, he’s the man to contact. His jeep tours and extended tour services can be found at:

As I write this, the “Carnival” rhythym is ramping up; and, I sense this city is THE destination for four more days.

So, this post is to tell you that pictures and stories will have to follow. As they used to say on our local news stations …”film at 11:00”.

BTW…Don’t look for any “internet cafes” here. The bandwidth is so cheap, it seems, all homes here have installed broadband service…the Concierge found one (Une) near us and that was his explanation.