Leaving Rio

Today we leave Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The excitement surrounding the  celebration of Fat Tuesday (Carnival) is the life blood of this city. The world will focus it’s eyes on the Rio expirience in the next five years.

  • 2013 Pope Benedict XVI visit & Major Rock Concert series
  • 2014 World Cup Football games (soccer)
  • “film at eleven”
  • 2016 the Summer Olympic games 

When I mentioned in my last post “the bio-rythyms” of Rio, I did not mention the “political” center of this great nation (i.e. Brasilia). As in North America, the economic/political center(s) are not necessarily located close to each other. Why do I mention this? Well, there are similarities between the two Continents.

Each Continent has a Nation that speaks a different (official) language than all the rest of the nations.

Trick question:  Can you name all the countries and the languages? ….. Times up.

Excluding all indiginous languages (and Quebec)   Brazil  (Portugese) and the “good ole USA” ah…Canada and uh Los Angeles…help me out here… will ya?