Bumpy Ride Home

The Bumpy Ride Home

March 17th and 18th, 2012


We were lucky to have good weather on most of our trip. We did get some rain on a day at sea. The only bit of rough seas was the short distance between the Falklands and Cape Horn. We slept well that night as ocean swells were 8 to 12 feet. On these nights it is like being rocked to sleep.


We had known that a series of storms was moving into California. The captain had cut our visit to Cabo short by two hours in order to allow for extra time fighting the waves back to San Francisco.


We started to hit rough seas (10-12 feet) when we were off the coast of California somewhere between San Diego and LA.


So for two days, we were tossing about. Occasionally we would hit the bottom of a swell and the ship would vibrate with a loud noise.


On the final day we had to pack and set our bags outside our room. All the while packing, we had to hold on to a wall or piece of furniture to keep our feet. It sound like it was difficult, but it was not all that bad. It was just the surprise element that kept us on our toes. Not knowing when the next large wave was to hit.


Our final night, we went up to the Skywalker lounge for our usual pre- dinner cocktail and hours de overs. While we were the bar, a big wave hit and the vibration came all the way up to the 17th deck and caused the bartenders to jump to cover the back bar bottles from crashing to the deck. It happened a few times causing some passengers to leave when their drinks were spilled. To us, it was ok as we were at the bar and could hold on to the railing.


The final dinner was here and we bid farewell to our table mates. It is a bit of a sad moment on a cruise. The realization that the cruise is near to an end. After 35 days away from home, we welcomed the next day.


Next…Our arrival in San Francisco.