Nephi, Utah

Utah Stay

The third leg of our great adventure was a segment from Ely, Nevada to Nephi, Utah. The photos and write up for the Ponderosa Campground looked inviting. Nephi is a comfortable distance between Ely and Montpilier Idaho. The Big Mountain Campground is nestled in Bear Canyon a few miles from I-15. 

The many tractors with triple trailers make great time on this freeway as the speed limit is 75mph. but it can be challenging when they decide to pass each other. The trailer pulled easly and tracked straight (thanks to the new axle). We didnot haveany excess sway. I think we finally have the weight balanced properly.

We arrived and set up for the night and had plenty of time to set up and have dinner.

The next morning, we decided to drive the Nebo Loop Scenic Byway which includes several hiking trails. Zenetta's research was spot on! The “loop” took us to a beautiful area high above the valley below. The Wasatch mountains are very scenic and Mount Nebo is the highest peak in the range (11,877 or 11,928 feet high depending on your search results).Theviews over the pass we traveled were amazing. The Wasatch-Cache National Forest is has aspen groves and above the tree lines, spectacular views.

We were looking for a trail that the locals know well,simply called The Grotto. The decriptions Zenetta had found were from the internet and the driving distances were a little off. We turned around after we were sure that we missed the parking area. We eventually found the trail head and hiked to the waterfall and grotto. It was a very a short but enjoyable hike. The grotto provided a place to cool off under the water fall (about 10 feet). The grotto was about 50 feet wide and was produced by rushing water which undercut the soft stone. I could see why it is popular. A cool place to take your date or family.

The scenic loop was the highlite of our visit to Nephi. My most interesting experiences were breakfast at a One Man Band restaurant for breakfast and a visit to a state licensed liquor store (which is totally foreign to a native Nevadan). One Man Band is where you phone your order in at your table. When it is ready to be picked up, you are “buzzed” by the cook. You then wait on youself. It certainly keeps the costs down (and the prices reflect it). Of course I was nervous. My spouse is a professional waitress and she believes that I am not too old to learn how it is suppose to be done!

The Big Mountain Campground was nicely located and well maintained. We left after our 4 night stay, headed to Montpilier, Idaho. Stay tuned.