San Miguel de Allende has a slower pace of life

This blog is good for me as I have difficulty writing on a regular basis. Fortunately I have two readers who remind my “esposa” when I have been lazy with my posts.


It seems that here in San Miguel de Allende I have absorbed the local pace of life. Not rushed and enjoying every day. It is a very relaxing place rain or shine. I am also expanding my “media” lessons by trying my hand at video (very time consuming. That’s my story and I’m…you know)


As I write this, it is Sunday (Domingo) August (Agosto) 19th . We have been in Mexico for 18 days.

It is difficult to describe the feeling here. The people are welcoming, the architecture is Spanish colonial and the food is excellent. The light takes on a warm feeling as most of the building are painted with adobe red, mustard or one of the seven approved colors. For a photographer, it is heaven. The refracted light is usually warm and it extends the “golden time” that we like in our shots.


There is a strong community of artists.. Many have decided to live here year round or at least 9 months out of the year. The community supports the arts with festivals, music concerts, recitals and art shows.

The bibliateca (library) is the second largest bilingual libraries in Mexico. It gets no money from the government and is totally supported by volunteers. The home and garden show and the Cafe Santa Anna are excellent ways to contribute to the library support. Also three levels of membership provide additional support. The monies beyond the costs of maintenance and operations, contribute to scholarships awarded to deserving young Mexican students.


The community also has a senior citizen food program and a school lunch contribution program, both of which feed thousands of seniors and students.


I can see why ex pats consider this area to retire or to develop their arts. As a tourist, I am absorbing as much as I can in the month we have here. I know now that I will be back, if only to study Spanish in a welcoming environment.


More photos to come (I promise). I am trying my hand at video. I have a great deal to learn.