The Jardin and La Parroquia

Anxious to try the light here in San Miguel de Allende (there is a quality of light here that is good for photos), I got up @ 5:00am and showered. Sunrise was scheduled for 7:15. Truth is, I did not sleep well as my body is still on Pacific Daylight Time. Fortunately for me, I arrived at the Jardin near La Parroquia church and it was still dark. The coffee shop was not open yet, so I started taking pictures of the church.

This square is the center of the town and dates back to the Colonial Period of Mexican history. I was taking some test shots using my “old” Nikkor 200mm 1.4 prime lens. I did not bring my entire backpack of lenses and gear. With a 200mm non zoom manual lens, it is difficult to get more than detail shots on a large building. (I like to shoot manually occasionally to “brush up” on my skills, especially if I put the camera away for awhile).

Well, this was my lucky day. At around 6:30am, I noticed a photographer and model shooting in front of the statue of Fr.Juan Miguel. The exterior church lights were on. The photographer was shooting the entire church with a model wearing a hat. He would pose her and then shoot another frme. I could tell they were pros, so I sat down to observe them.

Photography is like fishing in that, when some one is in a spot that you want to try, it is customary (and polite) to let them finish. I had plenty of time before the sunrise. After watching them, I went closer to listen to the photographer give instructions to the model. He had a very particular series of shots he want to accomplish.

They finished up, and to my surprise, the photographer asked me if I wanted to look. It turned out that he was shooting pictures for an advertisement to promote tourism. He mentioned that it would appear in a national magazine. They both spoke perfect English (although the posing directions were in Spanish) and they both were very cordial to me.


The photographer is Carlos A. Garcia Mora. 

I hope Carlos will send me the link to the publication. Thank you both for making my morning special!